Edison clients are Property Managers, Asset Managers, Condominium Boards and Property Owners just like you.

Property Managers

Managing buildings and the people in them is difficult. Edison has designed an approach to help managers provide better service and to make their jobs a little easier. We deliver reports and projects on time, we present complex engineering problems in clear and easy to understand formats, and we provide flexible and pragmatic recommendations. We go the extra distance to make sure your client is satisfied.

Condominium Boards

Building owners, especially condominium boards, appreciate that we present information clearly, that we are easy to work with, and most importantly, that we deliver projects on time and within budget. Edison understands our role as consultants – we provide Boards with the knowledge they need to make confident decisions for their buildings. Our reports explore the pros and cons of various repair options and we are always available to meet with Boards to discuss our findings and recommendations.

Property Owners

Edison is the right choice for private building owners. Edison is focused on results, we design solutions tailored to our client’s objectives and financial constraints then work extremely hard to deliver the project on time and within budget. Our clients appreciate that we respect their achievements to accumulate significant assets and that we work hard to protect their investment in repairing their buildings. We offer an array of engineering services, from condition assessments on all building components, structural design, capital planning, to pre-purchase or refinance inspections.

I highly recommend ... Edison Engineers Inc. as they always prepare a range of solutions ... that allows us to determine the cost benefit and effectiveness of the solution to meet the needs of the organization.

Property Manager

Just wanted to thank you for your efforts to educate and help, in walking the owners through the proposed caulking and cladding project last Thursday night. Your explanations, frankness and building mock-up really helped to put this project in perspective. We were very grateful for the time you afforded us. Kind regards,

on behalf of the concerned owners

Thank-you very much Matt, for your due diligence and patience. I feel very confident that we made the correct decision in hiring your firm and that we are in safe hands.


You have been a wonderful support for me Matt. I understand you took on a relationship with the client that you usually don't do. Hopefully, in the future this wouldn't be necessary. I understand we have a new manager for our condo and I do hope that the communication improves. However, for this period of time where I felt very adrift and very isolated in my leaking problems, your support was really exceptional. I am very grateful. Warmly and with great big thanks!

Condo Resident

From the first meeting to discuss replacement of the condo heated garage ramp, Edison Engineers Inc. has proven to be professional in every way. Jordon Vandervelde advised that he would be our Project engineer. During all phases of the Project, Jordan could be seen checking, making suggestions or advising of a better way to do the job. He was always professional while maintaining his sense of humour. When a problem resulted in property damage due to a Sub-contractor's error, Jordan resolved the matter in favour of the involved residents. From my experience, I would highly recommend Edison Engineers Inc. and Jordan Vandervelde.

Board Secretary

We have just completed major repairs to our garage at 275 Bamburgh Circle in Scarborough, Ontario, costing over $1,000,000. Our building has Post Tensioning Cables in the Garage and throughout the Building. The project was completed on time and below budget. I represented our Condominium Board during the repairs. I was completely satisfied with the way Edison Engineers represented our Corporation. They have also represented us with the replacement of our Heating and Hot Water Boilers. I have strongly recommended Edison Engineers to the other two Corporations in our Complex. We are presently using them on other projects in our Building and our Board of Directors are very satisfied with their performance.


I would just like to pass on our compliments on how great it was working with your organization. We just completed a project of insulating our ice rink with Matt Charbonneau as our Engineer. It was a very pleasant experience and I found having him as our go between person between us and our contractor very easy. Any issues that came up were dealt with promptly and efficiently. Thanks for helping to make this project go smoothly! It was very much appreciated.

Facility Manager

As the Facility Manager for Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst and Rumsey Center I have worked with Edison Engineers Inc. on a number of projects from a full site assessment to completing an Infrared Scan on one of our buildings. Recently Edison Engineers Inc acted on behalf of the hospital as consultant for a large paving project. In all the work Edison Engineers Inc has done for UHN the work was completed to very professional standards and very much to mine and my team’s satisfaction. I consider them to be the experts in the field when dealing with building envelope and structural issues. I will be working with them in the future and strongly recommend others in the Healthcare sector to do the same.

Facility Manager

Must say this report is the best such I have seen. For 20 years now I have been disappointed by the poor response I've had from roofers and other engineers to my demands for solid data on drainage from roofs and other surfaces. Without that, we can only guess at repairs required. Yours is the first I've received that tells what we need to know and enough of what we need to know. Well done, and thanks.

Property Manager

I highly recommend ... Edison Engineers Inc. as they always prepare a range of solutions ... that allows us to determine the cost benefit and effectiveness of the solution to meet the needs of the organization.

Property Manager

Edison's engineers are professional, very honest and always responsive. I find them very easy to talk to. I will definitely consult Edison for my future projects.

Property Manager

I highly recommend the services of Edison Engineers Inc. for two main reasons. Firstly, they have integrity. Edison understands that it is the Condominium’s building and their money. They provide Boards with clear options and recommendations and then act only upon their needs and budget. Secondly, they have excellent client service. Edison presents detailed and complex matters in easy to understand formats. They follow-up and they are willing to discuss or present their recommendations in person. Edison's approach helps me as a property manager to provide great service and allows my Boards to make confident decisions about their buildings.

Property Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Edison for many different properties on a wide variety of issues. Jason and his staff possess an incredible knowledge of all aspects of buildings, from the roof to the parking garage, and everything in between. Edison's approach to their reports and studies are so comprehensive, detailed and accurate. My condominium Boards find their work manageable and easy to understand. Edison brings honesty to the table; he is genuinely concerned about each project he takes on, keeping it on budget and getting the best results for his clients. I recommend Edison Engineers to any management firm looking on behalf of their Boards for engineering services. You will not be disappointed!

President, Royal Property Management

Our contractor was doing renovations on our newly purchased condo when he discovered significant water penetration and resultant black mold. As new owners we were aghast and deeply concerned. Thankfully our Board of Directors and Property Manager reacted quickly and engaged Edison Engineers Inc. to assess the situation. Jason Truman, James Armstrong and the team from Edison were thorough and professional in identifying and rectifying our problem. Because we are over twenty floors high in a downtown building there were the complications of finding a suitable contractor, dealing with the city for permits and erecting street level scaffolding for protection of pedestrians. This coordination was all taken care of through our Property Management Company and Edison. When the time came for the actual repair, Edison determined the appropriate action and supervised the entire job. It was interesting to see James Armstrong working on a swing stage high above the ground to ensure that the proper repairs were taking place. We were very pleased with Edison’s dedication to this project. We are extremely thankful to our Board of Directors, Maple Ridge Community Management and Edison Engineers.

Condo Resident

I was one of 6 Directors on our Condo Board who voted to spend 2 to 3 million dollars to repair and restore all aspects of our badly neglected building, underground garage, swimming pool tennis court, sea wall and extensive surrounding grounds. To do this we decided it was of paramount importance to seek the best possible company qualified to assist, advise, and guide us from start to finish. After considerable research we decided on a highly recommended company Edison Engineers Inc. Because of the magnitude and scope of the work involved Edison developed and is guiding us through a comprehensive reconstruction plan designed to restore our 11 floor 87 unit waterfront Condo to its position as the premier waterfront Condo between Toronto and Montreal. We are approaching year 3 and we are on track to complete the project as planned and under budget. In summary, we have relied heavily on Edison and in no instance has our reliance been in vain.

Board Member

Faced with major repairs to our balconies, garage ramp and garage floor, our Board of Directors decided to engage a consulting/project engineer in view of the complexity of the work. Our RFP clearly led us to choose Edison Engineers Inc. to guide us through the projects. Edison thoroughly presented all options to repair our deteriorating balconies and garage, giving our Board the knowledge needed to make the right decisions. Actual costs for the work fell within the estimates provided by Edison, and the construction work progressed successfully, on time and within budgets. Edison Engineers are professional and a pleasure to work with. We are extremely happy with our decision to engage Edison, and will strongly recommend them to other condominium Corporations.

Past President

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Jason Truman and the team at Edison Engineers on numerous jobs (both commercial and residential) over the past few years. Their 'out of the box' creative approach to problem solving differentiates Edison from the competition. I am always impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and adherence to schedules. I know that when Edison is on a file that I have one less thing to worry about!

Director - ICI Properties

Edison has done an outstanding detailed job putting together the tender. With these spec's down to the type of nails, screws and glue we can look forward to enhancing the value of HCC70 for each unit holder when the new balcony project is completed.

Board Member

Thanks Edison. Your expertise and attention to detail are major reasons why these projects have gone so smoothly and ended up under budget.

Construction Manager

It is my pleasure - I think it is important to find people you can trust to do a good job - and I trust you to do that!

Property Manager

Many thanks to Edison Engineers for their excellent assistance in many projects involving water leaks, structural issues, etc in various buildings under our management. You are always professional and timely!

Property Manager

We engaged Edison Engineers Inc. to do a Comprehensive Reserve Fund study for our 123 unit townhome condominium. Our board was impressed with their adherence to timelines and a face to face meeting to fine-tune the timing of shorter term maintenance repairs. The resulting study was well organized and provides a useful management tool for the board.

Board President

I want you to know that the Board is very happy with you and your firm and feel like they are in good hands. They are so impressed and overwhelmed by your knowledge.

Property Manager

I think you've just pulled off a miracle. Way to go!

Senior Property Manager

If I haven't mentioned this, I will now. I am very impressed with these site reports from Edison. No guesswork here; clear & concise; we know exactly where the project stands on a weekly basis.

Condo Resident