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Wood Balcony Restoration:

Expert Solutions for Lasting Performance

The prevalence of wood-framed structures in Ontario has risen since 2015, when the provincial building code was updated to allow wood-framed buildings up to six storeys. With wood-framed construction now common for townhomes and midrise buildings, many residences feature balconies and terraces. However, these structures can face challenges due to exposure to precipitation, leading to potential rot, mould, and structural failure. As specialists in wood balcony restoration and waterproofing, Edison is dedicated to providing expert solutions for long-lasting performance.

Wood Balcony Challenges and Risks

While wood-framed balconies and terraces can offer durability, proper design, construction, and maintenance are crucial for mitigating risks associated with moisture exposure. Designers and builders often rely on sheet vinyl or liquid-applied waterproof membranes to protect wood-framed components. The primary risk areas for water ingress include penetrations—where the waterproofing is punctured—and terminations, such as edges and upturns.

Water ingress at penetration points, like top-mounted balcony guard baseplates, can cause wood rot, compromising guard anchors and leading to unsafe conditions and structural concerns. At termination points, water ingress may result in wood rot, structural issues, and leaks into the building interior.

Common problems like water ponding, negative slope, and insufficient upturns below balcony door thresholds can also increase the risk of water ingress. Since wood-framed balcony structural systems are often concealed by architectural details, water leaks can progress significantly before detection, posing a risk to public safety.

Expert Inspection and Maintenance for Wood Balcony Structures

Frequent inspections by our experienced engineers help assess the condition of concealed structural components and readily visible waterproofing details, ensuring the safety and longevity of your wood balcony or terrace. Our expertise in the repair and restoration of existing buildings, combined with our specialization in wood balcony restoration and waterproofing, guarantees a professional and reliable approach to preserving your investment.

Choose Edison to address and resolve the unique challenges of wood-framed balcony structures, and experience the peace of mind that comes with expert solutions and lasting performance.