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Building Energy Analysis

Clients often ask about the impact of new windows, cladding, and mechanical units on building energy use. Energy savings can be used to help offset capital costs and apply for various incentives. To help our clients, Edison has developed a fully customized energy modelling and analysis system to calculate potential energy savings of major retrofit projects.

Using annual utility data, we create a custom energy model specific to your building. Our models consider building energy consumption such as lighting and appliances, resident occupancy, and building layout to calibrate the energy usage throughout the year. With this information, we develop a baseline energy model which we use to project potential energy savings of retrofit projects.

Our energy models consider electricity and natural gas usage independent of one another. North America’s reliance on natural gas as the primary source of heating means that its usage increases during the colder months to address space and ventilation heating needs. Fluctuations in natural gas usage are shown below:

Electricity consumption fluctuates throughout the year to address heating and cooling needs. During colder months, electricity is primarily consumed by space heaters; during warmer months electricity demand is driven by space cooling needs.

Temperature Gradient Samples:

Heat Flow Samples: