Niche Services

Water Leak Investigation & Repairs

We understand how frustrating water leaks can be. They can cause damage to interior finishes and can be very frustrating for your residents. Whether it’s from the roof, foundation wall, windows or walls, water leak sources can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to fix. The most common causes we see for leaks include: construction defects; design oversights at transition details; aging building components; damage to building components; and improper previous repairs.

We have a proven leak investigation process that can effectively resolve your stubborn leaks. With countless building material combinations and construction details, following our process provides confidence that our customized repair details will help your unique situation.

Our process typically begins with a Preliminary Review that provides you with a 3rd party professional opinion at a low cost before major investments. Our Preliminary Review reports generally recommend one of the following three approaches:

  • Minor repair and monitor for future occurrences.
  • Repair suspected sources and monitor for future problems.
  • Further review and/or complete systematic leak testing.

During our systematic leak testing we depressurize the interior by using a blower door and fan (where possible) to simulate wind-driven rain events and recreate the reported leak. Our process includes testing, implementing customized repairs, then re-testing to ensure the repairs were successful.

Have multiple leaks around your building? Consider implementing the customized repair at all similar leaks and save testing costs. Occasionally during our testing we discover design flaws that will lead to widespread leaks in coming years. We can help develop a maintenance plan to proactively correct details and mitigate future water leaks.