Edison Services

Core Services

We partner with our clients in all building sectors to identify the causes of failure, to explore various repair alternatives, and to implement pragmatic solutions aligned with our client’s goals and financial constraints. We offer full service engineering and project management services including Condition Assessments, Engineering Design and Contract Document Packages, Tendering, and Construction Review and Contract Administration Services. You can count on our Team to drive your project to successful completion on time and within budget.

As the structural components of a building age, it is crucial to repair deterioration in a timely fashion and proactively address possible causes of premature deterioration.

Designing, repairing, and maintaining an effective Building Envelope – walls, windows, & roofs – is central to our passion.

We are a full-service mechanical and electrical (M&E) consulting firm qualified to handle all your project needs including design and project implementation.

Providing a long-term view and helping owners consider and plan for capital repair projects is a key part of our service.

Edison Services

Niche Services

We have developed specific particular expertise in a number of niche service areas. Our niche services include specialized engineering expertise and customized processes focused on achieving a high level of success for our clients. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the following niche services:

We have developed a process which drastically increases your chances of implementing a successful project. This four-step process is flexible, scalable, and always reliable. As restoration engineers and project managers, we have developed this turn-key process to maximize our client’s success and to help them achieve their objectives for their property.

A financial crisis in a condominium evokes very raw emotional reactions from Owners which can create turmoil, distrust, and a breakdown of relationships in the community. As our condominium buildings continue to age the need for repairs increases and unexpected expenditures inevitably arise. Is your community prepared? Did you know that Edison has developed a proven, reliable and effective process for how to successfully navigate through a crisis?

Window replacement projects represent a once in a generation opportunity to add significant value to the appearance and performance of your building. Edison has created a customizable process to help Owners maximize this opportunity and to drive the project to successful completion.

The effects of climate change are real and happening. Extreme weather events, more frequent and intense rainfall, flooding, ice and snowstorms, extreme heat and accelerated building deterioration are some of the concerns facing our buildings.

We understand how frustrating water leaks can be. They can cause damage to interior finishes and can be very frustrating for your residents. Whether it’s from the roof, foundation wall, windows or walls, water leak sources can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to fix. The most common causes we see for leaks include: construction defects; design oversights at transition details; aging building components; damage to building components; and improper previous repairs.

Unlike conventionally reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete uses ultra high-strength steel manufactured into multi-wire strands that are used to pre-load the structural member. While post-tensioned structures have benefits such as reduced cracking, thinner slabs and longer spans between columns, they come with unique challenges for repair and maintenance.

Edison is an Award Winning Heritage Restoration firm that understands that the adaptive reuse and restoration of heritage buildings involves a level of respect and attention to detail that goes beyond a typical building repair project. We have been involved with heritage restoration at each step of the way including gathering historical documentation and materials information, working with municipal Heritage staff to develop compatible and respectful repair and maintenance strategies, implementing repairs, and helping our clients plan and budget for future repairs and maintenance. All are key components of Heritage Restoration work.