• Educate.
  • Engage.
  • Empower.

We are a communication-focused professional engineering and project management firm that specializes in the repair and restoration of existing buildings. Our objective is to educate, engage and empower our clients in their projects and to help them develop and deliver informed strategies for their building assets.

Our clients appreciate that we actively drive projects to successful completion on time and within budget, that we demand quality from contractors, and that we clearly and consistently communicate to our clients and all project stakeholders.

Edison Services

Core Services

We partner with our clients in all building sectors to identify the causes of failure, to explore various repair alternatives, and to implement pragmatic solutions aligned with our client’s goals and financial constraints. We offer full service engineering and project management services including Condition Assessments, Engineering Design and Contract Document Packages, Tendering, and Construction Review and Contract Administration Services. You can count on our Team to drive your project to successful completion on time and within budget.

Edison Services

Niche Services

We have developed specific particular expertise in a number of niche service areas. Our niche services include specialized engineering expertise and customized processes focused on achieving a high level of success for our clients. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the following niche services:

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are:
Hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.

Thomas A. Edison

Understanding your underground parking garage and its components, and planning for condition assessments, testing, and periodic repairs are all key steps to a successful garage asset management strategy.

Attics are an important part of your building! Let’s dive deeper into common issues we see in unconditioned attics, what a well-functioning attic can do for you, and what Edison Engineers can do for you!

Your parking garage is leaking. Some areas on the ceiling are getting darker and the concrete is beginning to fall off…
How do we stop the water? Is that even the right question to ask?
What’s the right question to ask?

Our contractor was doing renovations on our newly purchased condo when he discovered significant water penetration and resultant black mold. As new owners we were aghast and deeply concerned. Thankfully our Board of Directors and Property Manager reacted quickly and engaged Edison Engineers Inc. to assess the situation. Jason Truman, James Armstrong and the team from Edison were thorough and professional in identifying and rectifying our problem. Because we are over twenty floors high in a downtown building there were the complications of finding a suitable contractor, dealing with the city for permits and erecting street level scaffolding for protection of pedestrians. This coordination was all taken care of through our Property Management Company and Edison. When the time came for the actual repair, Edison determined the appropriate action and supervised the entire job. It was interesting to see James Armstrong working on a swing stage high above the ground to ensure that the proper repairs were taking place. We were very pleased with Edison’s dedication to this project. We are extremely thankful to our Board of Directors, Maple Ridge Community Management and Edison Engineers.

Condo Resident