Parking Garage Repairs

64 Benton Condominiums - Kitchener ON

Waterloo Standard Condominium Corporation No. 408 c/o Canlight Mangement Inc.
Construction Value
  • $1.4M
Project Scope
  • P1 Suspended Slab Replacement
  • Roof Slab and Ramp Repairs

The Challenge

The underground parking garage suspended slab was not protected with a waterproofing membrane and subject to severe exposure to road salts resulting in extensive leaking and deteriorated areas.
There were also extensive leaks below the garage entrance ramp and along roof slab expansion joints.

Enter Edison

We identified concerns with the underground parking garage during or Reserve Fund Study site review and recommended a comprehensive condition assessment be performed to determine options and cost estimates
The Board agreed with the approach and the Condition Assessment confirmed that the best long term solution was to fully replace the suspended slab.
Extensive repairs to the garage roof slab was also recommended including localized concrete and waterproofing repairs to landscape areas and full replacement of the waterproofing at asphalt areas and the entrance ramp.
The previous RFS plan had a very small budget planned for garage repairs which was not sufficient to complete the repair project.
We implemented our unique 'Condo in Crisis' process to assist the Board with developing a funding strategy for the repair project while communicating with the owners.

The Payoff

Following this process resulted in successful implementation of the required repairs - the best long term solution for the Corporation!