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Boiler, Chimney & MAU Repairs

78 Braemar - Brampton ON

Lidor Holdings c/o Canlight Management Inc.
Construction Value
  • $900k
Project Scope
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Chimney Liner Replacement
  • MAU Upgrade

The Challenge

The four boilers and chimney liner were at the end of their service life. The fresh air to the building was being provided by a fan with no heating. The system was inefficient and created an uncomfortable corridor environment for residents.

Enter Edison

We assessed the current systems and developed an efficient and cost-effective solution to replace the Make-up Air Units (MAUs) with higher efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air Supply (DOAS) units which can recover approximately 60% of the heat from outgoing air.

Following the design, we obtained pricing from the building’s service contractor and successfully negotiated a 45% price reduction. We also managed the construction phase of the project including performing general technical review throughout the installation of the new components.

The Payoff

The new DOAS benefits residents by maintaining more comfortable interior temperatures all while enhancing overall efficiency.