Fan Coil Replacement Project

Guildwood Terrace - Toronto ON

Metro Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 1013 c/o GPM Property Management
Construction Value
  • $2.3M
Project Scope
  • Building heating syetem and fan coil units replacement and upgrade.

The Challenge

The Condominium consists of a two-building high rise. The building's fan coil units were beginning to regularly develop pinhole leaks, motor failures, and valve failures which lead to costly and frequent repairs.

Enter Edison

We were retained to complete a Fan Coil Condition Assessment where we identified that the fan coil units were beyond their expected useful life. The units were deteriorated, rusting, and the cost to complete ongoing repairs was no longer economical. Reviewing the system holistically we recommended full replacement of all existing fan coil units. We also reviewed the building’s heating system and identified the pumps were inefficient and suitable for an upgrade in tandem with the fan coil units. We designed, tendered, and managed the installation of over 600 new retrofit fan coil units throughout the building. The new fan coil units and the newly installed building heating loop pumps are more efficient and were fitted with variable frequency drives to reduce energy consumption. With these upgrades we were able to apply for energy rebates on behalf of the Condominium.

The Payoff

The building now has newer, quieter and more efficient fan coil units in every suite. Additionally, the building is now saving in energy costs, and qualified for $40,000 in energy rebates.