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Sloped Roof Replacement

Bloorwood Manor - Etobicoke ON

Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 1592 c/o Maple Ridge Community Management
Construction Value
  • $620k
Project Scope
  • Wood Sheathing Repairs
  • Asphalt Shingle Replacement

The Challenge

The existing sloped asphalt shingle roofs were approaching the end of their useful life. There were widespread water leaks through the complex and the existing roof did not have adequate ventilation and drainage systems in place, which exacerbated performance issues.

Enter Edison

We were retained as the Prime Consultant to complete the design of a new roof and to review construction.

Prior to the design phase, we completed test openings in the roof to confirm existing details and to develop the best repair approach. We identified that the existing ventilation at the eaves was obstructed by an EIFS crown moulding. To achieve ventilation levels in line with the Ontario Building Code, our design included adding additional soffit and ridge ventilation. This allowed the attics to be properly ventilated while avoiding costly repairs to the EIFS cladding.

The design also included new drainage features included larger eavestroughs and downspouts to meet the high volume of runoff from the sloped roofs.

The Payoff

The new roof resolved water leaks and additional ventilation improved overall roof performance. Improved drainage and water shedding will reduce deterioration and improve aesthetics on the building fa├žade.