Brick Masonry Facade Stabilization

Lynden Manor - Brantford ON

Brant Condominium Corporation No. 30 c/o Wilson Blanchard Management
Construction Value
  • $800k
Project Scope
  • Facade Stabilization with Retrofit Helical Ties
  • Brick Replacement
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Improved Watershedding
  • Shelf Angle Repairs

The Challenge

The building faced a known issue of inadequate lateral support of the exterior brick facade due to improper initial construction. As a result, there were observable defects in the wall system requiring stabilization and repair.

Enter Edison

We were retained to carry out a Condition Assessment including investigative openings to confirm concealed conditions. The investigative openings confirmed systemic issues with original brick tie installation and revealed inadequate accommodation for support and thermal movement at shelf angles. Edison prepared a detailed Bid Documents & Specifications package and Tendered the work to qualified contractors.

During Construction, we completed regular site reviews and testing to ensure proper installation of the retrofit helical ties used to stabilize the brick facade. We also addressed defects with shelf angle securement that were uncovered during the Construction phase.

The Payoff

Owners can now rest easy knowing their brick masonry facade has been stabilized and concealed defects have been addressed. For more information, check out this article by Stefan Nespoli.