Window and Door Replacement

Seaway Centre Condominiums - Sarnia ON

Lambton Condominium Corporation No. 9 c/o Trademark Property Management & Real Estate Services
Construction Value
  • $2.5M
Project Scope
  • Window Replacement
  • Balcony Door Replacement

The Challenge

The existing windows and balcony doors had reached the end of their serviceable lives with residents often complaining about leaks, discomfort during hot and cold weather, window condensation, drafty windows and doors, and high utility costs. The condo board wished to take a proactive approach on the increasing complaints about the poor performance of the windows and doors, rising utility costs, worsening deterioration and leaks, and to improve property value.

Enter Edison

Edison was selected as the Prime Consultant for the Window and Door Replacements Project after providing the Board with our Condition Assessment of these building components. Our background knowledge and involvement with the existing issues at the property made Edison an effective advocate for our Client throughout the Preliminary Design process, Bid Documents Development stage, Tendering process, and Construction phase. Through our presentation of three separate window replacement style options via renderings and Townhall presentations, the Board became educated on the pros and cons of different operating units and their associated aesthetic appeal. Our specialized expertise with window and door replacements guided the Board to make an informed decision, and Edison tendered the project to qualified Contractors.

Throughout the Construction phase of the project, technical reviews of the work and project management services were conducted. Our efficient and evolved processes in and out of the office offered quick releases on change order items, and regular budget updates to the Client.

The design focused on the application of waterproofing membranes, flashing and caulking seams, moisture and air control layers, and the new prefinished aluminum windows with Insulation Glass Units (IGUs). To ensure durability and eliminate air leakage throughout the building, redundancy in the protective control layers was incorporated into the design. During the construction phase, Edison oversaw mock-up installations and reviewed the critical component applications. These mock-ups, while a large initial time investment, set a high quality standard for the work being performed by the Contractor. Our proactive and invested approach helped mitigate rework and project delays. This, along with frequent progress meetings were major contributors in finishing the project in a timely manner.

The Payoff

"The money we spent with Edison Engineers was by far the best money we spent in the entire project. Edison takes all the pressure off the Board of Directors and they are always on top of other progress of the job and they know what to look for on a project of this size" - Quote from Board of Directors.