Downtown Toronto Mid-Rise Inverted Roof Replacement

The Channel Club - Toronto

Metro Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 935 c/o AA Property Management & Associates
Construction Value
  • $1M
Project Scope
  • Wholesale replacement of main protected roof system, terraces, and guard replacement at terraces.

The Challenge

The Channel Club is in the heart of downtown Toronto, at the bustling intersection of College and Bathurst Street. The building’s roof areas were experiencing widespread leaks into residential units. The Board acquired multiple Contractors, who were all unsuccessful at repairing the leaks. Resulting in sunken costs for a roof that was at the end of its expected life span.

Enter Edison

Edison was retained to complete a Roof Condition Assessment, where we determined full roof membrane replacement was necessary with localized insulation repairs. We recommended guard replacement at the terraces as they were aged, and this was the most opportune time to replace them as the roof project required guard removal. The Corporation retained Edison to complete the roof design, prepare the permit for guard replacement, tender the work, and oversee the construction. When the guard supports were exposed, we noted that the concealed concrete blocks supporting the guards were not secured to the structural slab and required structural restoration to ensure newly installed guards met current regulations.

The Payoff

With our design and oversight during the construction phase the new roof system resolved the widespread water leaks and has a high expected service life. The project was completed on time despite the complexities such as the varying roof elevations, the high-traffic area, and the difficult roof access. The newly installed guards are safe and improve the overall appearance of the building.