Building Envelope Restoration

Monetary Times Building - Toronto ON

Ryerson University
Construction Value
  • $3.2M
Project Scope
  • Window replacement
  • Roof Replacement
  • Brick and Stone Masonry Repairs
  • Water Shedding Features

The Challenge

The Monetary Times Building, constructed circa 1931, is a 4-storey building that serves as the Civil Engineering building at Ryerson University. There were many building envelope components and assemblies that had reached the end of their useful life. As a designated heritage building by the City of Toronto, many typical restoration materials and practices were not permitted.

Enter Edison

We were retained as the Prime Consultant to complete the renovation project. The scope of work included replacement of the windows, including reinstating the original 1931 configuration, roof replacement and cladding repairs.

Many stone units were beyond repair and needed to be replaced. To save costs and maintain a consistent appearance, portions of the stone units were salvaged and used for repairs to other damaged units.

We also added new water shedding features, such as metal parapet flashing with a large drip edge, drip slots in window sills and a penetrating sealer applied to the cladding to reduce moisture absorption.

The Payoff

After nearly 90 years of service, the building envelope restoration project prepared Monetary Times for many more service years to come. Improved water shedding will limit the impact of weather and preserve many original components that remain.