Exterior Building Envelope Repairs

Westminster Place - Burlington ON

Halton Standard Condominium Corporation No. 476 c/o Wilson Blanchard Management Inc.
Construction Value
  • $800k
Project Scope
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)
  • Fascia and Rainwater Leader System

The Challenge

This townhome community was clad with a mix of disjointed systems that were at the end of their service life, had poor aesthetics, poor insulation, rot, and various other issues. Further, the reserve fund was not sufficient to cover the cost of repairs.

Enter Edison

We were retained to provide various re-cladding options including renderings, and design, tender, and to oversee the project. The project had to improve aesthetics, thermal performance, reduce maintenance, reduce risk of leaks, and had to be cost effective.

The Payoff

The townhouse complex now has a beautiful, modern aesthetic, is more energy efficient, comfortable, more air/water tight, and many concealed defects such as rot and poor window transitions were resolved while still be completed under budget.