Garage Waterproofing Restoration

Constellation Place - Mississauga ON

Peel Condominium Corporation No. 414 c/o Whitehill Residential
Construction Value
  • $320k
Project Scope
  • Waterproofing Repairs
  • Roof Slab Finish Repairs
  • Crack Injection
  • Sealant

The Challenge

The single level garage at the property extends beyond the footprint of the building. The garage roof slab is buried beneath a combination of paved and landscaped finishes. The waterproofing membrane on the slab failed at various locations including concentrated failures at the expansion joints.

Enter Edison

We were retained as the consultant to resolve the deficiencies at the roof slab.

Our first step was to complete a Condition Assessment of the parking garage. We performed a visual review of the entire garage interior, catalogued leaks and deteriorated concrete, and completed test openings to determine the condition of the existing waterproofing membrane. We provided repair recommendations and cost estimates based on our review.

Following the Board's approval, we prepared Bid Document and Specifications for the required repairs and tendered it to qualified contractors to obtain competitive pricing. We also performed technical reviews of the work and provided project management services, including managing changing project scope and presenting regular budget updates to the Client.

The Payoff

Our localized repair strategy prolonged the service life of the Corporation’s parking garage roof membrane. The repairs mitigate future concrete deterioration and preserve the Corporation’s assets.