Heritage Balcony Restoration

Queen's Court - London ON

Middlesex Condominium Corporation No. 97 c/o Highpoint Property Management
Construction Value
  • $400k
Project Scope
  • Structural Wood Balcony Repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Handrail Restoration
  • Exterior Painting
  • Divider Panel Redesign and Replacement
  • Restoration Based on Historical Documentation

The Challenge

Queen's Court faced diminishing aesthetics and deteriorating finishes, including faded paint and rotting wood divider panels and deck boards.

Enter Edison

We were originally asked to review the balconies and assist with planning for deck board and divider panel replacement. We recommended completing a Condition Assessment including investigative openings in order to confirm concealed conditions. During our review, we identified areas of failed waterproofing and rotting wood structural elements requiring major repair.

Edison collaborated with the Board and municipal Heritage staff to develop a Scope of Work that would truly look to restore Queen's Court to its original glory, while restoring structural integrity and providing enhanced durability and watertightness. This included a full re-design of the balcony divider panels to return to their original styling based on historical documentation. The work also included salvaging, repairing, and refinishing the existing balcony guardrails including lead paint removal.

The Payoff

This project is the recipient of a London Heritage Award from the Architectural Conservancy Ontario - London Region & Heritage London Foundation, in recognition of outstanding leadership excellence in heritage conservation.