Building Envelope Restoration

Shadow Creek - Burlington ON

Halton Condominium Corporation No. 363
Construction Value
  • $2.9M
Project Scope
  • EIFS Cladding Replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Eavestrough Replacement
  • Deck Repairs
  • Water Shedding Details
  • Concrete Steps and Landings

The Challenge

Shadow Creek, constructed circa 1990, is a 23-unit detached luxury housing complex in Burlington Ontario. The units are clad with a face-sealed Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) and did not originally include eavestroughs or downspouts as part of the housing design. Failure of exterior sealants and excessive wetting of the EIFS walls was contributing to widespread exterior staining and water ingress around windows and doors.

Enter Edison

We were originally retained to complete a Condition Assessment of the EIFS cladding, and also worked with the Board to develop Bid Documents & Specifications. During our Condition Assessment, our team carried out destructive openings and thermographic scanning to assess risk of concealed deterioration, and leveraged our findings to develop a detailed scope of work to be tendered to qualified contractors. We completed structural analysis of required wood rot repairs and designed solutions for various concealed issues throughout the Construction phase.

The Payoff

After years of declining aesthetics and concealed wood rot due to water leakage, the Shadow Creek community was restored and improved with a bold new finish. The Owners are once again proud of their complex and enjoyed immediate property value increases.