Garage Repairs

Woodlawn Towers - Guelph ON

Wellington Condominium Corporation No. 13 c/o Edwards Community Management Inc.
Construction Value
  • $600k
Project Scope
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Waterproofing

The Challenge

Edison completed a garage condition assessment which determined the parking garage was in serviceable condition, however localized repairs were required in the next 2-5 years to extend the serviceable life. The condo board expressed a desire to improve the aesthetics and make the podium deck areas more functional to residents.

Enter Edison

Edison was retained as the Prime Consultant for the Garage Repairs and Waterproofing Project. Our background knowledge and involvement with existing issues at this property made Edison an effective advocate for our Client through the Bid Document Development stage, Tendering process, and Construction phase.

During the Tendering phase, Edison was in frequent communication with the condo board to not only present the pricing received but utilize our expertise to recommend next steps. Edison provided the board with various optional prices to allow them to select a scope that best fit their needs and budget.

Throughout the Construction phase of the project, Edison performed technical reviews of the work and project management services. Edison oversaw critical components of the construction, demanding the highest quality of work from the contractor. Edison frequently communicated with manufacturer representatives to ensure the best quality was being achieved.

The Payoff

The south podium deck area will be enjoyed by residents for decades to come.